Globalization, Policy Intervention, and Reproduction: Below Replacement Fertility in China

Baochang Gu, Renmin University of China
Zhenzhen Zheng, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Feng Wang, University of California, Irvine
Yong Cai, University of Utah

This paper presents preliminary results from a field survey on fertility preference and behavior among six counties in one of the most dynamic regions of China (Jiangsu province) with one of the lowest fertility levels (TFR at 1.0). The survey, to be completed in January 2007, will be the first of a longitudinal study planned for this research site. This paper will be the first to report on a new study designed to understand below-replacement fertility in the context of economic and social globalization and political intervention. Some results from the study will have special relevance for China, given its unique government intervention and control in reproduction, but many of the results should have broad implications for understanding global low fertility, with China being one of the most dynamic players in the new wave of globalization.

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Presented in Session 3: Low Fertility in Comparative Perspective