Session 114:
Impact of Population Dynamics and Reproductive Health on Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction

Friday, March 30
2:30 PM - 4:15 PM
Westside Salon 2
5th floor

Chair: Tamara C. Fox, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Discussant: Jotham Musinguzi, Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development
Discussant: Rachel Nugent, Center for Global Development
Discussant: John Page, World Bank Group

  1. Demographic Change, Social Security Systems, and SavingsDavid Canning, Harvard University; Rick Mansfield, Yale University; Michael Moore, Queen's University

  2. Establishing Causal Relationships in Demographic and Economic Analysis: Approaches and Data for Sub-Saharan AfricaPeter Glick, Cornell University; Chad Meyerhoefer, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), HHS; David E. Sahn, Cornell University; Stephen Younger, Cornell University

  3. Family Planning as an Investment in Development and Female Human Capital: Evaluating the Long-Term Consequences in Matlab, BangladeshT. Paul Schultz, Yale University; Shareen Joshi, University of Chicago

Other sessions on Economy, Labor Force, Education, and Inequality