Session 24:
Challenges of Multiracial Measurement

Thursday, March 29
10:30 AM - 12:15 PM
4th floor

Chair: Ann Morning, New York University
Discussant: Aaron Gullickson, Columbia University

  1. The Declining Multiple Race Population of the United States: The American Community Survey, 2000 to 2005Ren Farley, University of Michigan

  2. A Practical Approach to Using Multiple-Race Response Data: A Bridging Method for Public-Use MicrodataCarolyn A. Liebler, University of Minnesota; Andrew Halpern-Manners, University of Minnesota

  3. Estimating the Effects of Parental Characteristics on the Identities of Multiracial ChildrenC. Matthew Snipp, Stanford University; Candy M. Ku, Stanford University

  4. Will “Multiracial” Survive to the Next Generation? The Racial Classification of Children of Multiracial ParentsJenifer Bratter, Rice University

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