The Development of Australian Internal Migration (AIM) Database

Salahudin S. Muhidin, University of Queensland
Martin Bell, University of Queensland
Dominic Brown, University of Queensland

This study describes the development of a time series of Australian Internal Migration (AIM) Database that covers five sequential intercensal periods 1976-1981 until 1996-2001. It has been constructed to support the study on “Understanding the structure and dynamic of interregional migration in Australia.” Information on migration is heavily derived from the 1981-2001 Censuses of Population and Housing. The great value of this database lies in two factors: (1) the design of geographical zones that devise a system of 69 temporally consistent regions (TSD’s) across censuses, and (2) the methods used to decompose inter-regional flows (transition) that differentiate age, period, birth cohort, and sex. It provides a unique resource to be utilized in testing ground for models and theories of migration. The utility of the database is illustrated by examining selected features of Australian inter-regional migration. In the future, the database is planned to be accessed on-line for the academic sectors.

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Presented in Poster Session 2