Towards the Integration of Immigrants in Quebec’s Qualified Workforce: An Overview of the First Years following Their Arrival and the Effects of Selection Policies

Karine Bégin, Université de Montréal
Jean Renaud, Université de Montréal

In accordance with Quebec’s immigration legislation, the admittance process for immigrant workers is based on a point system designed to facilitate the selection of candidates who meet specific criteria, such as a promising profile for labour market integration. We want to demonstrate the immigration policy’s role on the economic insertion of migrants by examining the presence of selected workers employed in jobs for which they are qualified. Our study will evaluate Quebec’s immigration policy based on information pertaining to the post-migration job history, and the administrative data on grid scores of 1541 workers prior to their migration. The immigrant’s post-migration professional experiences will be described through different methodological approaches: event history, time series and sequence analysis. Each method gives us a different but complementary vision of the reality. Finally, through multinomial logistic regressions, we will assess the impact of the selection grid on the presence of migrants in qualified jobs.

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Presented in Poster Session 6