Children of Immigrants and New Education Policy and Practice

Jeanne Batalova, Migration Policy Institute
Michael Fix, Migration Policy Institute
Julie Murray, Migration Policy Institute

Our paper begins with a description of the demographic challenges that US schools face when serving children of immigrants, particularly those who do not speak English very well. It also provides a description of the academic achievements of children of immigrants and LEP students. To gauge academic progress of LEP students we utilize data from the 2005 National Assessment of Educational Progress as well as data from state tests on reading and math from 2005 State Report Cards. We use the results from assessment tests from four states – two traditional immigrant receiving states (California and Illinois) and two new immigrant destination states (North Carolina and Colorado). Finally, this paper describes five persistent policy and practice issues relating to the children of immigrants in US schools, with special attention to the federal education legislation, No Child Left Behind, and other policies that may significantly impact this population.

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