Foreign but at Home: Migration and Integration of Turkish and Bosnian Women in Vienna

Katrin Fliegenschnee, Vienna Institute of Demography
Silvia Dallinger, Vienna Institute of Demography
Caroline Berghammer, Vienna Institute of Demography

This study on migration and integration of Turkish women in comparison to Bosnian women is part of the EU funded project FEMAGE which aims to compare the integration process of migrants within nine EU member states. The study at hand focuses on representatives of the two largest migrant groups in Austria and tries to explain parallels and differences in migration and integration with respect to language, work and identity. Although there have been studies on the integration process of each of these groups, there are hardly any comparative studies which consider, among others, the influence of the different motives of migration and the cultural and socio-economic background of the migrants on the development of their integration. There is a main focus on gender in order to go beyond existing androcentric studies on this topic which have led to a rather one-sided and passive image of female migrants.

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Presented in Poster Session 7