Estimation of the Life Expectancy at Birth for the Non-Aboriginal Population in the Territories Combined in Canada, 2002-2004

Ravi B.P. Verma, Statistics Canada

This paper aims to describe the data sources, and methods for developing life expectancy at birth by sex for the non-Aboriginal population in the territories in Canada for the period ,2002-2004.Using a smaller number of total deaths and population for the non-Aboriginal population in the territories combined, the abridged life tables by sex were constructed using the U.S. Bureau of Census method, ADJMX. The estimated life expectancy at birth for the non-Aboriginal population was 79.00 years for males and 82.48 years for females. These data were comparable to those obtained from the Chiang method, 79.03 years for males and 82.50 years for females. These estimates were validated with other populations : 71.9 for males and 76.4 for females for the territorial population, 69.1 for males and 74.0 for females for the Aboriginal population in the territories, and 77.4 for males and 82.4 for females for the total Canadian population.

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Presented in Poster Session 5