Sexual Behavior of Identified Risk Groups: Results of Focus Group Discussions, Philippines

Normita Galban, University of the Philippines

The Philippines has been viewed as low and slow in terms of HIV/AIDS, but recent activities of the identified risk groups is a clear manifestation of it transiting as hidden and growing.Havin this description the author would also like to explore this issue in terms of Sexually Transmitted Infections. The Demographic Research and Development Foundation and the University of the Philippines conducted a study about sexual behaviors of identified risk groups, but this paper would also like to dig deeper into the sexual networks of the risky groups. The objectives of the study are: • To know the trends and behavior of identified risky sexual groups *in terms of the transmission on STDS/HIV/AIDS, • Questions were asked regarding their bargaining power, sexual networks, condom used,reasons for selling sex etc. • Knowledge on HIV/AIDS and STIs were also asked and they were asked about their needs ands suggestion for their own sake like safeguarding their health etc. • And policy implications were also explored pertaining to STDs The identified risk groups are: Overseas Filipno Workers (OFWs), Injectable Drug Users (IDU), Men Having Sex with Men (MSM), Free Lance Women Sex Workers,Registerd Freelance Sex Workers. There were twelve Focus group conducted among the groups. The site for the FGDs are in Davao City, Cebu City, Bacolod City, Olongapo City, San Fernando City, Pasay City,Legaspi City, General Santos City.

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