Missed Days from Work and Opportunity Costs for Obtaining an Abortion among Cambodian Women: A Case Study

Rukmini Potdar, Ipas
Tamara Fetters, Ipas

The study examined the number of days missed from work or home in the process of seeking an abortion and the subsequent opportunity costs in terms of personal income and family income lost among women presenting at public and private sector induced abortion providers in Cambodia. Data were collected through client exit interviews and descriptive analysis was used to examine the two outcomes of missed days and opportunity costs against a number of explanatory variables. The results indicate that private sector midwives were the most popular and the most efficient in terms of low opportunity costs. Private physicians and NGOs were the second most popular but had comparatively higher opportunity costs and days lost. The number of visits to various providers added to the days and income lost by the woman and her family. Clients working outside the home for a wage or income had the most to lose.

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