The Effect of Gender Norms on Adolescents’ Perception and Attitude to Sexual and Reproductive Health: The Case of the Kassena-Nankana District

Matilda Aberese Ako, Navrongo Health Research Centre
Cornelius Y. Debpuur, Navrongo Health Research Centre
Martin Adjuik, Navrongo Health Research Centre
Ernest Kayomse, Navrongo Health Research Centre
Fabian S. Achana, Navrongo Health Research Centre
Ane Adondiwo, Navrongo Health Research Centre
Gifty Apiung, Navrongo Health Research Centre

This paper tests the widely held, but seldom tested, assumption that adolescent gender norms affect the onset of sexual relations. Longitudinal data from 3739 interviews of adolescents aged 10 to 24 years are linked with biomarkers data. Data are based on observations of an experimental study in Kassena-Nankana District, a rural isolated locality of northern Ghana. Baseline survey data are marshaled to examine the predictive power of baseline indicators of adolescent gender norms on subsequent sero-coversion of Herpes-Simplex Virus-2 (HSV-2), a biomarker for exposure to unprotected sexual relations. Maximum likelihood regression incidence rate ratios are estimated for the effect of 17 indicators of gender norms and the conditional effect of norms by gender of adolescent. Findings will show how influence of gender norms affect subsequent sero-conversion. Implications for policy will be reviewed and discussed

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