A 2006 National Audit of the Availability of Comprehensive Abortion Services (CAC) in the Republic of South Africa: Availability, Method Mix and Spatial Concentration of Services

Ellen M.H. Mitchell, Ipas
Mosotho Gabriel, Ipas
Karen Trueman, Ipas
Errol Knonko, Ipas
Edward Cherry, Ipas
Janie Benson, Ipas

This paper describes the availability, method mix and spatial concentration of induced abortion services in South Africa. The 2006 audit answers three main questions: 1.How accessible are first and second trimester CAC services in South Africa?2.What clinical methods of CAC are available in South Africa?3.What is the spatial concentration of CAC services in South Africa?This study will be the first study to summarize the national abortion access picture of South Africa which includes both miscarriage management and TOP as essential elements of comprehensive abortion care (CAC). Moreover, it will show which provinces and municipalities suffer from an inequitable distribution of lifesaving services and essential health technologies. These findings will be an important contribution to advocates and policy makers to assist them in identifying persistent access disparities and targeting scarce resources to areas where women’s health and rights are most endangered.

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Presented in Poster Session 6