Labor Adaptation of the Internally Displaced Population

Maria Aysa, Florida International University

I investigate the labor market performance of internally displaced persons into urban labor markets relative to voluntary migrants and non-migrants. The analysis is based on retrospective labor and migration histories of economic, tied and forced migrants and non-migrants in Bogotá. Economic migrants are considered positive self-selected. Their participation in the urban labor market is expected to be higher than in the case of tied or forced migrants. The analysis has three parts. First, description of the occupational and land tenure profiles of forced, tied and voluntary migrant population in the place of origin. Second, cross sectional descriptive analysis of unemployment and occupation profiles in Bogotá at the time of the survey. Third, estimation of the probability of being employed in different occupations at any point in time controlling for personal characteristics, time-specific migration experience and area of residence –rural/urban in the department they were living in a given year.

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Presented in Poster Session 5