Unmet Need for Contraception among Tribal Women in Kerala, Southern State of India


Unmet need for contraception may be due to ignorance of any method or source, lack of access, dissatisfaction in the quality of available methods, fear, and opposition to contraception by self or others. Unmet need for contraception among tribal women was a somber issue because, in addition to low socio-economic and poor nutritional standards, the fear of being pregnant or unwanted or undesired pregnancies would awfully induce frustration in the tribal women’s life. The background characteristics of women with unmet need among three tribal groups in Kerala were studied. Due to the fear of side effects and strong belief in the traditional medicine- even though now almost unavailable- the tribal women are hesitate to use other modern methods. Their health problems were further compounded by a heavy workload and low nutritional status, absence of medical care and public transport. The unmet need to limit the pregnancies increased with increasing age and marital duration.

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Presented in Poster Session 2